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Individually, we have different strengths, talents, quirks and passions.
Put us together on a project, and those differences are what makes us one amazing team.

Lars Keplinger
Owner / Lead Carpenter

Our company founder is the driving force behind K&K. His relentless energy and unique management style have built this company from a small framing operation to the large-scale, construction services company that it is today. His unassuming manner and approachable personality are what draws both clients, vendors, and employees to him; and it's what makes him the ideal person to man the helm. His business acumen aside, he refuses to work in the office and instead loves to work at the job site running a crew alongside his coworkers. That's why he prefers the title "Lead Carpenter" over "Owner". As a proud Yooper from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Lars keeps his sanity by spending quality time with his family, skiing, golfing, traveling, and playing trivia crack (not necessarily in that order.)

Eric Hill
Project Manager

It's a good thing Eric stands tall because as project manager, his list of responsibilities stacks nearly as high as the top of his head. Besides procuring estimates for projects, ensuring all proper permits are pulled, and handling all safety and environmental issues, he also assists with design issues. As another fellow Yooper (we have a few of those here at K&K), Eric enjoys traveling, reading, and...well... pretty much a little of everything. That zest for the variety of life is what makes him a great Project Manager. When he’s not scheduling contractors, managing quality control, or keeping clients up to date on projects, he loves to speak Finnish with Markku. We suspect he does the latter because it greatly upsets Mike (who does not speak Finnish.)

Markku Ravaska
Field Operations Manager

As our field operations wizard, Markku magically seems to juggle just about everything. When it comes to estimates, logistics, and scheduling of a project–he's the man. He also takes care of interacting with builders regarding changes and billing, running projects when the foreman is absent, and he's our on-site problem-solver. In his spare time, he also juggles weights. He seems to enjoy punishing himself at CrossFit and tries to lure the rest of us to partake in his addiction. He's originally from Finland, and one of his favorite ways to pass the time at the office is to speak Finn with Eric so as to slightly antagonize Mike.

Mike Forstie
Operations Manager

Originally hailing from desert country in Phoenix, Arizona, Mike is the metaphorical navigator for the company. With a mind oriented towards the big picture, he ensures that our long-term planning and goals are always on track and projects are completed in a timely and efficient manner. Besides having a general understanding of the company sales, schedule, administration, and estimating; he also focuses his energy toward developing strategic partnerships with K&K clientele–partnerships based on trust and respect. His casual grin and friendly demeanor put everyone at ease (that is until Eric and Markku start speaking Finn). Mike’s favorite way to unwind is by spending time at his cabin located somewhere 'down south.'

Linda Parks
Office Manager

Is there anything Linda can’t do? Our high-energy, ultra-competent Office Manager keeps the K&K office oiled and running smoothly. She's the glue that holds this office together, and without her, well, we don't even want to contemplate what would happen. Linda is a combination CFO, accountant, administrative and office manager. Plus, because she can always be counted on to tell it like it is, she keeps the rest of us on our toes!

Nate Loukusa
Project Superintendent

If Nate were to have a motto, it would be “Perfect is Good Enough.” He doesn’t accept anything that’s ‘just ok’, but that’s why our clients love him. It’s what makes him the perfect Project Superintendent. He’s been with us since our early days. His discerning eye, attention to detail, and unwavering pursuit of excellence are what make him so good at what he does. He has that unique ability to communicate to subcontractors and vendors our client’s specific vision combined with our exacting standards–all the while coordinating complex time schedules and multi-layered building issues. The result is nothing less than the perfection that Nate is known for. In a business with so many moving parts, this is no small task. In his spare time, he loves to spread his dry humor around to any available ear. When he’s not knocking us over with his humor, he likes to golf, play hockey, and spend time with his family and friends.

Our Customers Say it Best

"I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation for the service that you and your TEAM have provided DryTech and our clients over the years. Every project, you and your TEAM are on time, courteous/respectful and professional. From small projects in just lending a hand or helping with your knowledge on a projects complexities to remodeling/decks/additions, time after time, project after project, I know I have a partner I can count on, period. Thank You and K&K for your support."

KEVIN J. - DryTech Co LLC